ActiveInsert 1.10

ActiveInsert 1.10: Conveniently insert text, images or other objects into virtually any application Insert Items; folders for organizing Insert Items; Insert Item sort; Rich Text (including font and color) support; images and OLE objects; option to run when Windows starts; option for special positioning; tracking rules; complete drag-and-drop support; etc. ActiveInsert makes it quick and easy to insert your information into almost any application, saving a lot of time and effort. Try ActiveInsert for yourself and see what a difference a little

Boilerplate Template Text Inserter 2.0: Template Text Inserter inserts template text with ease - work faster!
Boilerplate Template Text Inserter 2.0

Template Text Inserter inserts common template text with ease ... no more repetitive typing of the same text over and over! ... work faster and save your valuable time ... reduce typing mistakes ... keyboard shortcuts allow you to quickly insert phrases without using the mouse ... works in all applications such as Word documents, Outlook emails and all websites too ... helps reduce keystrokes.

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Abridge Insert 1.1: Insert commonly-used text into any application via hotkeys Add new 10 clipboards
Abridge Insert 1.1

Insert is a very useful keyboard and clipboard extender. Using Hotkey combinations, it allows you to easily insert commonly-used text into any application, such as a word processors, email programs, tables, IDEs, etc. Abridge Insert can also add up to 10 extra clipboard entries for the exchange of text and graphics among applications. Abridge Insert supports development engines such as MS Visual Studio including the latest .NET edition, Borland Delphi

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Insert Text for Excel 2.1

Insert Text is a Microsoft Excel add-on tool that allows users to quickly and easily insert text before or after existing text in a worksheet. Insert Text even includes the ability to undo changes. Download the trial and give it a try. The trial version is limited to 3 characters that can be inserted before and/or after any text. To purchase a serial number please feel free to visit

excel, insert, text, spreadsheet, attach, apend, append

Simpli-File Find Replace and Insert 1.6.0: Find, Replace, or Insert any text into multiple files with ease!  Takes no time.
Simpli-File Find Replace and Insert 1.6.0

inserting text: 1. Insert text at any line 2. Insert text at end of each file 3. Insert text at beginning of each line in the file 4. Insert text at the end of each line in the file You can also use Symbols to create desired results such as filename, directory name, file size, etc. This premier software is one of the many Simpli-File programs that help you get on your way to making your tasks fun and life simple. Best of all, our Simpli-File software

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Insert Lines In Multiple Text Files Software 7.0: Insert line(s) in multiple text files at once.
Insert Lines In Multiple Text Files Software 7.0

This software offers a solution to users who want to insert lines into one or more text files. The user simply chooses the required files or an entire folder before starting the insertion. Then, using a drop down menu, the user selects the option to insert the lines: as first line, last line or before or after each occurrence of a user specified character or string of characters.

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PDF Date Stamp PDF Date Stamp watermarking PDFs documents. PDF Watermarking files tool.
PDF Date Stamp

insert into PDF page set location and angle within documents. PDF stamping software can insert to make document watermarking & how to add watermark. PDF watermarked set page range, watermark colour, text angle, text locations within entire PDF documents. Watermark in PDF Software can be placed on top or in background of page. PDF insert watermark to insert date, time, page number, images, logo, author and file name to PDF pages. PDF watermarking

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